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Qualifying Process: Increase Your Leads

Lead generation is one of the most vital tools a business owner has at their disposal. What happens after that needs to be just as important - focusing on leads that can be developed into prospects. With this course, business professionals are guaranteed to devote their efforts to worthwhile leads. 

Developing a Process to Qualify Your Leads

No matter how many leads you have, you need to be dedicating valuable time, energy, and resources to leads that can be turned into prospects. After all, energy utilized towards a dead-end lead is energy that could have otherwise been put to use on another prospective lead. It’s the point of this professional development course to help you determine that. 

This course will teach you how to build a system to prioritize the leads you have in your database according to those most likely to be potential prospects. This will also give you tools to help you distinguish the less promising ones from the actual prospects. By focusing on those who already demonstrate actionable interest, you can improve your conversion rates while simultaneously organizing your follow-up system to prioritize those leads. 

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Lesson Plan

Teach you to separate the promising leads from the futile ones.

Show you how to build off that interest with meaningful follow-up.

Help you develop and organize a follow-up system designed to reach those leads to convert them to prospects.

Demonstrate all the ways this can improve your conversion rates.

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Determining How to Allocate Your Efforts

Prioritization is a huge part of being an effective professional. Time spent on one project, lead, or client is time spent away from another. To determine you’re utilizing your time most efficiently and optimizing your follow-up initiatives is the primary goal of this course. 

Get Started With Your own Qualifying Process

It can be difficult to not chase every lead but this course will help you determine which lead is worth your time and which ones may not be worth pursuing. This distribution of resources will vastly improve your conversion rates when it comes to impactful prospects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of professional development courses?

Professional development courses are crucial for keeping your business current with marketing trends, technological advancements, and iterative improvements to your processes. 

How long does the course take to complete?

We suggest our courses be taken over 5 days in order to give you time to absorb the lessons from each video and have time to apply them to your business.

How soon can I start my course after I purchase it?

You can begin the course immediately after purchase by logging into your account! There you’ll have access to every course you’ve purchased with Athena Captain, including downloadable handouts to go with the video lessons.

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Coach, Speaker, Author

Through her unique combination of life experience and a heart for sharing, Athena brings her extremely engaging and humble style to the speaking arena, captivating audiences ranging from professional single moms, to families raising kids with special needs, to entrepreneurs and sales professionals looking to create a growing sales machine.

Athena’s heart drives her to serve those who know, deep down, that they have a gift, a knack, that hasn’t fully developed, and who hunger for that spark of inspiration and knowledge that will finally help them turn that corner. Her proven results building a referral-based prospecting and sales machine for a custom homebuilding company, after building a hugely successful sales team for one of the nation’s largest mortgage firms, give her credibility to inspire and teach an audience of professionals from any size organization. Her life spent raising a child with special needs, while juggling the load that comes with being a world-class sales and marketing professional, all while overcoming the challenges of someone who scores 10 / 10 on the ACE scale, gives her credibility to speak into the lives of an audience facing similar challenges, but who also share the belief and vision that they can do, and become, more than anyone ever thought possible.

Athena brings a unique combination of grit, empathy, and no-excuses inspiration that speaks to a range of audiences, leaving them with not only the motivation, but also the tools, to go back into the world with a renewed sense of purpose, with an understanding of how to carry it out.