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Prospecting Plan: How to Build It

CE Class 2 - Prospecting Plan: How to Build It

So you’ve got your ideal market, now what? Having all the data, access, and charts in the world won’t help you unless you know where and how you want to use it. “Real estate continuing education near me” is an easy thing to look up, but finding out what next step will help your business goals the most is certainly more difficult. 

This course, building on the first course, allows you to utilize information about your ideal market to create a prospecting plan. Ideally, your prospecting plan will be ambitious enough to set high expectations, while being realistic enough to establish achievable goals. 

With that goal in mind, not dissimilar from other Oklahoma real estate continuing education courses, this course will cover a variety of topics to equip you for success. It will cover skills, metrics, and other information crucial to generating leads. 

The right real estate course fulfills your specific business’s needs. If you have found yourself in the position of understanding your market, generating information and credible data about it, but are unsure where to go from here - this specific course in real estate school is perfect for you! 

This class is only for Oklahoma realtors!

Build a Prospecting Plan to Access Your Ideal Market

An ideal market is only as good as the plan designed to access it. You have scoured all the data, crunched the numbers, and now you get to take all that raw data-generated power to access your ideal market. 

Setting manageable goals to access your ideal prospects is crucial. To do that, a prospecting plan needs to be detailed, specific, and have both a timeline and consistent action items that need to be achieved on a regular basis. 

By doing this, you will be able to reference your prospecting plan when you feel you’ve lost sight of your market and the initiatives designed to attract them. Lead-generating is a grind, persistence and tenacity is key. 

By finding your target market, you’ve set yourself up for success. The next step is eliminating redundancies and wasted effort on leads that are not likely to pan out. Oklahoma real estate CE courses are all about giving you tools for achieving these goals and lowering the odds that you’re spinning your wheels on leads that are unlikely to become prospects.

This class is only for Oklahoma realtors!

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Lesson Plan

Develop skills to access your target market.

Create easily referenced metrics for success and failure with leads.

Defining concrete and regular action items to generate leads.

Establishing next steps for leads.

Prospecting Plan: How to Build It

A Prospecting Plan for Reference

When you’re working with new information, you can lose sight of what leads are prospects and what leads may not go anywhere. Establishing parameters for how to generate leads, what to do with them, and when to aggressively pursue or temporarily withdraw are important. 


This Oklahoma real estate course is designed to give you tools, metrics, and information you can refer to. Especially since you won’t want to give up on any lead, unwilling to separate with what you may view as a potential prospect. 

This real estate course, Oklahoma designed and created, is here to ensure you know what is worth your time and when it may be time to move on. Your prospecting plan is all about setting goals, parameters, and consistent actions to ensure your business’s success. Once you have that, you can always come back to it. 

This class is only for Oklahoma realtors!

Get Started with Prospecting Plan: How to Build It

Anyone can look up “real estate ce classes near me” and take the first thing they can find. A motivated professional has recognized their needs and is now ready to establish next steps for success. This course is designed to deliver actionable and achievable goals through a prospecting plan. Now that you know your market, you have to understand how to capitalize on it to ensure your business can continue efficiently and optimally. 

This class is only for Oklahoma realtors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get CE credit for this class?

Yes! This course qualifies for Oklahoma Realtor CE credits. 

How long does the class take to complete?

Our CE classes take about 1 - 2 hours to complete. They’re long enough to be substantial but short enough to fit into your busy schedule. 

How soon can I start my course after I purchase?

You can begin the class immediately after purchase by logging into your account. By looking up “real estate ce classes near me” and purchasing it, everything else is set up for your continued learning and success!
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