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Uncover The Training Needs of Your Teams

CE Class 10 - Train the Trainer: Uncover the Training Needs of Your Real Estate Team

Even in the beginning, no real estate agent works alone. You may run a small independent agency, but boosting sales is all about delegating and finding like-minded, motivated professionals to work with you. 

To accomplish that, you need to understand common areas of development. This sales training for real estate agents will help you accomplish that.These areas of development are important to understand if you want yourself, your business, and any associates you may have to succeed. 

Building on this knowledge, you will learn how to train others to increase your business’s efficacy, improve sales, and continue to grow your business. By establishing these areas for development and improvement, you can capitalize on the best realtor training programs to guarantee their success. With trained and reliable associates and a team of professionals, you are able to delegate and entrust important responsibilities to them. With that comes your ability to focus on what you really excel at - improving your sales. 

This class is only for Oklahoma realtors!

Real Estate Sales Training: Train the Trainer

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or you’ve been successfully navigating the real estate market for years now, it’s important to always be improving. You do this by learning, growing, and developing skills. To train them, you must first train yourself and be willing to improve your own communication and developing skills. 

The same can be said for your associates, colleagues, and the up-and-comers around you. They’re relying on you to train them, help them develop vital skills, and create an environment conducive for always growing. Every skill they develop is an asset you can utilize and a skill of your own you can potentially duplicate to benefit your business and the clients you work with. 

Whether that means developing new skills or honing pre-existing skills, there are a variety of ways to achieve this. For example, real estate training videos can demonstrate examples of problem-solving that you may deal with on a regular basis but want to handle better. 

It is your responsibility to train others in ways that you’ve been trained, even if that means reacting to methods that affected you poorly. By learning what methods have worked for you, your peers, and other successful agents, online real estate continued education courses are designed to create a generation of successful and innovative agents. 

This class is only for Oklahoma realtors!

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Lesson Plan

Study common areas of professional development.

Harness upskilling to improve pre-existing skills.

Learn what training methods generate the most success for business peers and new agents.

Uncover The Training Needs of Your Teams

Oklahoma Real Estate Classes to Emphasize Effective Training

As a real estate agent, your clients require engagement, connectivity, and trust. Those same tenets are necessary for successful training. You must impart the significance of your training materials, demonstrate ways they have benefited you, and simultaneously sing your own praises while owning up to your past failures as an agent so they may learn. To do so will improve your ability to train, communicate, and work with other professionals. Only through training can you obtain success with your associates and set them up for their own. 

This class is only for Oklahoma realtors!

Get Started Training the Trainer

Uncovering the training needs of your associates is imperative for a successful business. Everything they do is a reflection of your training, experience, and effort spent. Uncover the training needs of your fellow professionals to spark increased sales and inspire success. 

This class is only for Oklahoma realtors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get CE credit for this class?

Yes! This course qualifies for Oklahoma Realtor CE credits. 

How long does the class take to complete?

Our CE classes take about 1 - 2 hours to complete. They’re long enough to be substantial but short enough to fit into your busy schedule. 

How soon can I start my course after I purchase?

You can begin the class immediately after purchase by logging into your account. Once you purchase online real estate classes (Oklahoma designed and created in this case), everything else is set up for your continued learning and success!
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Coach, Speaker, Author

Through her unique combination of life experience and a heart for sharing, Athena brings her extremely engaging and humble style to the speaking arena, captivating audiences ranging from professional single moms, to families raising kids with special needs, to entrepreneurs and sales professionals looking to create a growing sales machine.
Athena’s heart drives her to serve those who know, deep down, that they have a gift, a knack, that hasn’t fully developed, and who hunger for that spark of inspiration and knowledge that will finally help them turn that corner. Her proven results building a referral-based prospecting and sales machine for a custom homebuilding company, after building a hugely successful sales team for one of the nation’s largest mortgage firms, give her credibility to inspire and teach an audience of professionals from any size organization. Her life spent raising a child with special needs, while juggling the load that comes with being a world-class sales and marketing professional, all while overcoming the challenges of someone who scores 10 / 10 on the ACE scale, gives her credibility to speak into the lives of an audience facing similar challenges, but who also share the belief and vision that they can do, and become, more than anyone ever thought possible.
Athena brings a unique combination of grit, empathy, and no-excuses inspiration that speaks to a range of audiences, leaving them with not only the motivation, but also the tools, to go back into the world with a renewed sense of purpose, with an understanding of how to carry it out.