Our Mission

Our mission is to create massive value by helping clients build powerful referral-based businesses. 

We empower leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone else with the drive to work hard and overcome obstacles to do extraordinary things. And we provide the training needed to do it right. 

Most importantly, we help clients find their own strength — so they can create their own success.


How We Do It

We use a simple but effective four-step process to prepare everyone we work with for success.

Forging a clear vision of goals and dreams.

The first step to accomplishing something is knowing exactly what that something is. 

Adopting a service-first mindset.

We show how quality service is the key to positive impact and a good reputation. 

Building a road map of executable behaviors.

With coaching and mentoring, we give you the skills you need to turn drive into action.  

Creating successful business processes and systems.

By creating processes that work, you’ll find the results you want.


Why We Do It

Athena’s story of overcoming personal adversity and finding inner strength is at the heart of what we do. 

Our purpose is to help individuals who have experienced abuse or other hardships, families with special needs, and others who come to us for help to find the inner resources they need to thrive. 

We live that purpose through a set of five core values:

Impact. Seek lasting impact, not short-lived motivation.

Abundance. Create abundance, not a scarcity mentality.

Advocacy. Become the go-to resource for others to succeed.

Authenticity. Lead with honesty, transparency, and authenticity.

Consistency. Act with discipline to get results and build respect.

Contact our team to learn more about how we help clients learn from Athena’s experience and create their own success.