About Athena Captain

My Story

I come from an extremely, shall we say, humble background. My dad wasn’t around, and I was simply a burden to a mom who wasn’t equipped to raise a child. That kind of environment puts a really bad program into a kid’s head, and that’s a tough program to delete.

One day I’ll never forget, my grandmother plucked me out of my dismal surroundings and gave me a brief glimpse of a different world - a world where people honored their unique gifts, built each other up, and expected great things from themselves and others. That one day gave me hope, a sense that there were others out there who had the drive to be great achievers, and that I could achieve great things too.

That hope, that knowledge that there was some brighter future out there, that sense that there were others out there who grew to be great achievers, grew inside me.

As I worked my way up through retail sales, sales management, and executive positions, I finally began to feel more “accomplished”, although I always had that nagging thought, partly driven by a past that has me 10 of 10 on the ACE scale, that somehow I wasn’t really good enough.

In 2011, I accepted the biggest challenge of my career - to create a sales and marketing structure in a business that was in the midst of a radical transition. There was a point when I truly doubted my ability to succeed. But I knew my gifts, and because of the vision my grandmother gave me, I chose to give voice to my gifts, not my doubts. Combined with the gifts of my team, we created a sustainable sales machine that continues to produce industry-leading results.

We all have doubts. But we also have gifts. Which one you choose to give voice to will determine your success.

Give voice to your gifts. They’re inside you, just waiting to speak life into your biggest, wildest, most audacious dreams.