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Athena's Coaching Packages

Rock Star Package

(Limited to groups of 10)

This is the Sales Professional’s graduate-level course. If you’re committed to facing your fears, you can create a business solidly based on referrals. Build a scalable, repeatable prospecting plan with built-in follow up systems, to scale growth limited only by your drive. This course will challenge you to build new behaviors at a whole new level, driving you to become your best personal and professional self.

Growth Package

(Limited to groups of 20)

Serious about taking your sales or business to the next level? Learn how to refine your prospecting plan, multiply your productivity, and advance your sales skills and/or those of your team. Ready to face your limiting beliefs and leave them in the dust?

Starter Package

(Limited to groups of 50)

Perfect for those looking to build their prospecting behaviors to increase revenue. Learn productivity skills that allow you to jump-start your sales and income growth. If you hunger for personal and professional growth, this package is a perfect starting point.

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