A journey of purpose & intent

Setting and achieving goals is an essential aspect of personal growth, development, and success. Goals provide us with direction, purpose, and a roadmap for our lives. The act of writing down our goals amplifies their importance and solidifies our commitment to achieving them. Join me on a transformative journey through goal-setting, unveiling the significance of putting pen to paper and making our dreams become reality.


  1. What is your five year goal? Be bold with this! I challenge you to take time to reflect on this and write down anything that comes to mind. Don't let your limiting beliefs win! 

  2. Create the Plan: To conquer your five year goal, you MUST have steps in place. Start by asking yourself where you need to be in one year to make steps towards your five year goal. Then, ask yourself where you need to be in 90 days to make it to your one year goal. Then, ask yourself where you need to be in 30 days to make it to your 90 day goal... Keep doing this until you figure out what actionable steps you need to be taking on a daily and weekly basis.

By writing down our goals, we transform our dreams into tangible objectives. We create a vision, a pathway to success, and a life lived with intent and purpose. Let us embrace the power of goals and step into a fulfilling journey towards achieving our dreams.

Remember, your goals are your unique journey; embrace them, pursue them, and celebrate every step along the way. Don't let the world define your goals. Reach out to my team if you need help! 


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