Selling Your Super Power

What problems do you think you solve for clients? Right now you might be thinking, “I know what problems I solve.” Whatever the list of problems you solve, would your clients have the same answer? Have you asked?


Why Do Your Clients Buy From You?

You might or might not know why your clients buy from you. It’s some combination of “like” and “trust”, meaning they like you for certain reasons, and they trust you to solve certain problems, and they value your unique combination of those things above other Realtors, or other sales professionals, or other solutions that are available.

The weird thing is, you might have a unique combination of skills, a superpower, that you don’t even realize, but your clients do.

One of the first things I did when I joined Turner & Son Homes was to interview the previous 2 years’ worth of building clients to find out why they chose us as their builder. I had already asked Tim and Ben, the owners, why they thought their clients were buying from us.

When I compared notes, I found that the clients’ answers were very different than what we thought they’d be.

Here’s what we learned: they valued something we did that we took for granted - it was something that came naturally to us, because of the personalities and strengths of the people working in the company, so we didn’t think it was a big deal.

Guess what? The clients thought it was a big deal!

Turns out, that was out Superpower and we didn’t even know it. It would be like Superman thinking his ability to fly was no big deal, because anything that easy for him must not be a big deal.

You have a superpower. You have a unique ability to solve your clients’ problems in a way that seems fantastic to them.

Find out what it is.

Once you find out, that’s the thing you’re selling, and it’s a product nobody else has.

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