Feature: 4 Questions to Make You Better at Networking


I’ve got an exciting piece of news to bring to your attention. My four questions for making anyone better at networking were featured over at The Treasury blog. If you’ve ever struggled with networking, now is the time to leave your struggles behind!

I recently taught my system for success at one of The Treasury’s lunch & learns. It’s always such a thrill to help others overcome their personal challenges to get the results they want in their lives and careers! I felt truly blessed to share my success with these eager entrepreneurs!

Hannah Schmitt has done so much for the community by providing the space to learn and grow at The Treasury. It was truly an honor to speak with attendees there. If you don’t know Hannah and her amazing space, you’re missing out!

Be sure to read the blog post to learn about my four questions. They’ll help you navigate networking events with intention and success. 

I know you’ll do great things when you ask yourself these questions the next time you’re networking.

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