How to Plan a Successful Week Easily

I wrote recently about the point of planning your next week - taking time on Friday afternoons to finish the next week on paper before it begins in real life.

We’re all juggling priorities, and we all have aspects of life that require attention: finances, relationships, health (mental, physical, spiritual.) How do you fit it all into your weekly calendar? This is a time management technique that has given me great results: proactively block time in your weekly schedule for the important categories, so that no important ball is dropped during your productive week. You can do this in Google Calendar or whatever you use for planning your week. You could even color code your blocks so you can easily see what you’ll be doing on each day of the week.

The secret to making this planning process work and dramatically increase productivity is in the execution. Come Monday morning, follow your schedule with discipline: when you’re in a block of time, focus on that category.

  • When it’s time to pray, pray - and nothing else.
  • When it’s time to listen to your kids, put the phone in the other room, turn off the TV, and listen. Engage.
  • When it’s time to prospect, prospect! Make the calls! Don’t have your email open, don’t scroll Facebook, and don’t allow anyone to sidetrack you.

You have things to achieve next week, priorities that are crucial to your goals. YOUR goals. They are important enough for you to focus on each one at the appropriate time.

Reflect on your week:

Faith Time planned ✅

Personal & Family time planned ✅

Prospecting Plan in place? ✅

Growth time planned ✅

Do you have time blocked for each of the critical areas in your life? Start planning and spending time accordingly.

Let’s walk into our week with purpose!

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