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Let's prioritize! 🤗


Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you wish you felt more accomplished? 

One of the most essential 'life/business hack' you can give yourself is to write out your priorities.


A thought for you to ponder... When was the last time you took a moment and allowed yourself to write out your priorities?


You may be asking... "What are my priorities?" and I would say, start simple so that you can simply start.


For business, these should help get you thinking: 

  • What are the revenue generating activities you have to do each week to produce leads?
  • What does your follow up plan for your leads look like each week?
  • What activities do you need to do for marketing each week?
  • Are you planning time to use social media to help deepen your relationships with past clients and/or referral partners? 

For personal life, these should help get you thinking

  • What are the events I don't want to miss out on with my family this week, month, or year?
  • What are the activities I have to do to help develop myself to achieve my life goals?
  • What behaviors or activities do I need to do weekly to improve my health?


I define priorities as those actions, activities, or behaviors one must do OR our business/personal life could be lost, diminished, or have devastating emotional impact.

There is much more I could go into on this subject, and I will through online classes later this year. Until then, I hope this helps you get a start! 

Remember, you are worth it!



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