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Don't get beat up. Fight back with your behaviors and beliefs.


During many of my conversations with leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, I am hearing how there are beliefs of scarcity, fear, and anxiety being felt in all industries. I want you to know that you have the ability to FIGHT BACK!! You don't have to let the current market beat you up. 


Here are some proven ways to take back control and WIN right now: 

  1. Revisit your morning routine.
    • Schedule time to envision your know. Know where you need to show up at your best to win the day.
    • Move your body. Even 10 minutes will make an impact!
    • Take time for faith and personal development.
  2. Revisit your follow up system. Your fortune is in your follow up behaviors. In the best of times, follow up is not utilized to its full potential. When we are beat down, follow up is one of the behaviors that most people neglect. This is the time for you to shine with your follow up!!!
  3. Dust off your prospecting plan!! Are you prioritizing these behaviors?!
  4. Get connected emotionally in person or over the phone with your tribe!!
    • These are our referral partnerships, clients, past clients, and other  relationships that add value to our business and mental health.
    • Social media is NOT a substitute for connecting. Humans need true connection to thrive and your tribe needs YOU!! 


Side note: Be careful what you allow your mind to dwell on. Your thoughts control your behavior... take some time to reflect on your own thoughts.


My team and I are here for you, cheering you on, and believing in YOU!!




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