The first step to building a thriving referral based business is getting our mindset about selling correct! 

Please forgive me.... For years I taught sales professionals the sales beliefs and practices that are ANTIQUATED. Oh my heart was in the right place, but my eyes had yet to be opened to the power of building relationships VS selling to someone. 

Here is a list of those ANTIQUATED ideas: ( Side Note: you can be successful by “always being closed” as they say….However, will those attitudes create long lasting fruitful relationships??) 


  • Overcoming objections 
  • Lack of follow up
  • Making it JUST about your product
  • Telling NOT asking
  • Making it about YOU - not your prospect/client
  • Relying on marketing to generate your leads 
  • Pushing the prospect to close
  • Thinking that just creating a social media account is enough 
  • Not needing to have a CRM or lead follow up system
  • Thinking you don’t have to pick up the phone
  • Lack of organization/process
  • “It is your Boss’s fault you failed” 
  • You DON’T really have to prospect

Let’s replace with these NEW standards of our mindset for selling: 

  • You are here to serve. 
  • You are here to listen with your whole heart. 
  • You are here to solve problems. 
  • You are here to create relationships. 
  • You are here to add value to your prospects, your clients and your team.
  • Be competitive while encouraging others. 
  • Be in it to WIN it everyday! 
  • Understanding rejection is their problem NOT a reflection of your ability.
  • Stay coachable! 
  • Desire to learn more everyday. 
  • We all learn best from failure. 
  • Know you are NOT alone. 

We need to understand three basic things to help develop a relationship where someone would want to do business with you AND they would trust you enough to refer business to you. People want to be SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD. 

Let’s ask ourselves if our actions and beliefs reflect the right mindset.


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