Realtors to Battle: Don't Fight the Battle of Sales Alone

The sales profession is a battle: a battle of will and spirit. Every day we wake up and face challenges unique to our chosen profession - we can’t control other people’s decisions, and yet our paychecks depend on them. It’s easy to become gripped by fear and worry, and paralyzed by the sheer size of our daily challenges.


One of the best ways to combat the fear and worry, to overcome those mental and emotional obstacles that keep us from doing the hard stuff that leads to success, is to build a tribe of warriors that go into battle with us.

What do I mean? I mean those fellow sales professionals that form our support group of personal growth and encouragement.

You Need a Tribe

Think about this: even Jesus, the only perfect person, recruited a tribe of 12 to help him spread the gospel to the world.

If He felt compelled to recruit a tribe, how can you believe you can do it alone?

Find a group of like-minded sales professionals, those who are committed to success, who don’t give or accept excuses but always encourage others to get back up after falling, and form relationships you can all count on for encouragement and honest feedback.

Have coffee regularly. Share each others’ successes, and more importantly, failures.

Have brutally transparent conversations about your fears and weaknesses, and encourage each other to grow personally and professionally. 

With your tribe of warriors, there’s no battle you can’t win.


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