The Role Your Emotions Play in Sales Success

In sales, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the emotion of the moment or the day. It’s easy to take rejection personally, to let your identity take a hit when someone doesn’t want to meet with you or return your phone call. It’s very natural. 


Sales Isn't For Everyone

That’s one reason that sales isn’t for everyone - it takes a thick skin, but even those of you with the thickest skin can get overwhelmed by the emotional roller-coaster that is professional selling.

The problem is, if you let your emotions get the best of you, your success will suffer. Why? Because you know what you need to do today, the seeds you need to plant, to sow the results of tomorrow.

You know you need to make those calls to try to set those appointments so you’ll have sales down the road. You know you won’t have any closings in 3 months, or 6 months, if you don’t make those calls this week. But, your emotions are holding you back.

Your fear of rejection, of failure, is keeping you from acting.

How do you overcome the emotions that hold you back?

Here’s how: you let your future emotions push out your current ones. What do I mean by future emotions?

I mean those feelings of success, of achievement, of personal value, that come from achieving your goals.

Think about the last big win you had: it likely came about because of something you did that your fear at the time told you not to do, but you did it anyway.

Compare the 2 emotions - the glorious win, and the fear that almost stopped you… when you feel that fear today, replace it with that feeling of future glory. 

Here’s something I learned from Sandler Training:

  • Keep a journal of your activities and how you feel about them, positive or negative.
  • In the same journal, write down your wins and your feelings about them.
  • When you write down a win, look back in your journal and find that fearful action you took and remember that the win couldn’t have happened without that action. 

When you link your future success with your current actions, you’ll never again let today’s emotions rob you of tomorrow’s success.


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