Time Blocking for Productivity Helps You Achieve More

Here’s a little secret: without time blocking, I would not get my prospecting done each day.


Here’s a list of reasons (or excuses?) See which ones you can identify with:

  1. It’s soooo much easier to just check email than do deep work…

  2. That’s an interesting discussion on social media - I better join!

  3. My phone keeps ringing, and I HAVE to answer a ringing phone.

  4. My team can’t operate without my constant supervision.

  5. So many people just need me.

Oh, yeah. That’s just the beginning of the list. Do you think extremely productive people are just wired to do focused work and important tasks first? That they have fewer responsibilities and phone calls than you do? That they’re just somehow more disciplined and are naturals at time management techniques?

Nope. They’ve just admitted they’re human, with human weaknesses and susceptibility to distraction, and an overwhelming desire to do what’s easy rather than what’s best. They’ve taken the first step - admitted they have a problem with time tracking.

So what do those super-productive people do? Here’s the greatest tool I have ever implemented to help me achieve: time blocking.


Live by your calendar. Pull your calendar app or Google calendar up on your phone or computer, or pull out your planner. Look at next week. Find (or make!) chunks of time no smaller than 90 minutes, and make an appointment with yourself to focus on productive time to complete a singular task for that block. The world will still be there when you turn your phone and email back on, I promise.

Pro tips to get started with a time-blocked schedule:

  1. Start small. Baby steps - this is a new behavior. Step by step, you will get all that important work done.

  2. Have Grace for yourself when you fail. It happens to us all.

  3. Block specific time for your personal/faith life first. You are the biggest factor in your ability to achieve.

  4. Schedule your prospecting blocks of time in the morning.

Believing in you today!

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