When Is It Okay to Take a Break?

Are you tired? Need a break? But don’t feel like you can take on right now? You’re busy, and people are counting on you, right? There’s no time to take a break.

I used to believe that, and I still struggle with it… sometimes I feel like if I’m not working, then people won’t value me. They’ll think I’m lazy, and I’ll feel guilty. 

Guess what? My family isn’t the only one counting on me… every employee and contractor we employ has a family that counts on me to bring in leads week after week.

If I take a break, they might not get a paycheck, right? 

Here’s the reality: If I burn out, then I’m no good to anybody. If I run myself into the ground, don’t take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, then those people who count on me will no longer get the leads and prospects they need to sustain the company and their livelihoods.

Someone once said, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”.

You must refill your cup. Put your oxygen mask on first, then help others around you.

The Darren Hardy Quarter Method

Try this, a method I learned from Darren Hardy:

  • Break the year up into quarters.
  • Plan a vacation for the end of each quarter.
  • After that, and only after, make your plan to sprint for 3 months.

Have your prospecting plan, your personal growth plan, all that stuff you need to do, and sprint it out for 3 months, knowing you get a well-deserved, and much needed break at the end.

Then, take the break. Give your mind, body, and spirit time to recharge.

You owe it to the people who need you.


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