I want to start by creating this newsletter with helpful tips


I have to get real with you... I have been over promising without having all the knowledge or tools I need to deliver.
I'm sure this doesn't come as a surprise, but the journey has been harder than I planned or expected! Has anyone else ever felt like that?! The good news is, with the help of talented people I finally got my act together.
I want to start by creating this newsletter with helpful tips, updates of the "finally going to happen events" like yes... the BOOK, podcasts, hundreds of new blogs and subscriptions available for my classes online PLUS so much more. We cannot wait to share all of the details with you!
For my Oklahoma realtors, click here to register for upcoming CE classes that I will be teaching sponsored by OKCMAR.
Click here to join my Prospecting Secrets Facebook page where you will be able to connect with other achievers just like yourself! 
My heart has always been to serve you, so please reach out if there is an area that I can serve you better in. I am always open to feedback and suggestions. 
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Looking forward to seeing you in class soon! 


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